Fur Ball Update!

Coco8Well today Coco had his first haircut!  We decided we liked the fuzzy look and he really does like getting brushed so we decided to pretty much keep him longer.  Kandy trimmed off some of the crazy hair on the top of his head and cleaned up all the hair around his little eyes.  Speaking of eyes…his eye is looking so much better!  He must be feeling better too!

He and Bandit are chasing each other around now so there is some interaction between the two of them.  Coco is doing MUCH better with his crate training so everything in our house is settling down some.

I promise I won’t be doing a lot of doggie pictures but I’ve had a lot of people ask me how things are going and I wanted to share!


6 responses to “Fur Ball Update!

  1. LOVE the doggie pics and updates.

  2. I sure enjoyed playing with Bandit and little Coco. It was adorable watching Coco follow his mommy everywhere. They are very lucky to have you and Randy. Give them both hugs from their Aunt Karen.

  3. Coco is looking very handsome with his new haircut. So glad to hear his eye is doing better.

  4. I also love the doggie pics and comments! How can you not love those adorable faces!

  5. I love the updates!

  6. Is Coco a Shih Tzu? He is adorable. I love your ideas so much. Thanks for sharing.

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