Daily Archives: October 29, 2013


Doggie Update

Coco5It’s a wooky!  Thought I’d do a quick update on the little doggie and how things are going.  First his name is Coco because he is mostly brown.

The rescue place thought that he was Papillon and Poodle but we decided he is mostly Shih Tzu and the Poodle in him is putting the kinky in his hair.  He and his brother both got baths today and I was trying to warm him up.

We went to the vet today…he is a whooping 7.4 lbs.  (Of course, if you would cut off the hair he would probably be 5 lbs tops!)  He is 7 months old.  If you notice in the picture his right eye is closed.  We have noticed since we brought him home of Saturday when you have him on your lap and are petting him he always closes his right eye.  We were concerned something might be wrong with it.  His little eye has had some damage to it (it is healed though) and it is all red and a little swollen.  He has a damaged spot on his cornea.  We are going to start with drops and hopefully that will take care of it.  She thinks it is causing him some pain so we do need to fix it for the little wooky!

Bandit3And of course, we need a Bandit update too.  He really has perked up!  He use to be entertained for hours over all the ‘crazy’ stuff Gypsy did…you know the really ‘crazy’ stuff…breathing, sleeping,  He really just stayed in his crate last week and didn’t eat much.  I would try to get him to play a little and he wouldn’t.  Well now there is something new and irritating in the house and he is back to his old self.  We are starting to get a little interaction between them and it is just sooo good to see!  I was worried about the little fellow!

So that’s the update on the puppies.  We are just really hoping everything is okay with the little guy’s eye!