Acrylic Masks – video

Welcome to my very first video!  WOOOOO HOOO!!!  I’ve shared a couple cards where I used the Autumn Accents Die to create a mask from an acrylic (Window) sheet.  I love using Window Sheets for masks because they are much longer lasting and acrylic surface is great to pulling the ink into the open area.  Here I show you how to create the make and deal with the extra openings.

Here are the cards I did using this technique.  If you click on the picture it will take you to the post describing that card.



So grab your Autumn Accents Die, a piece of Window Sheet and some post-it notes and you are ready to go!  Until next time…HAPPY STAMPIN’!

7 responses to “Acrylic Masks – video

  1. WOW! Awesome tutorial Mary!! You did a fabulous job on your very first video. You seem like a pro! Thank you for all the information. This will make it so much easier to mask my future cards!

  2. You continue to be my hero Mary. Very nicely done video! As a newbie video maker myself I think you did everything right. And I love the masking trip using window sheets to make it permanent.

  3. Great video Mary. Really straight forward and to the point!

  4. Excellent job on your first video, Mary! And thanks for the great tip!
    Sue Erickson

  5. Loved your video Mary! Your cards are AMAZING!

  6. Yay you did it!! What a great video. I cannot wait to see what else you have in store to video for us. You are my hero!!!

  7. Woohoo Mary! Great job on your first video!!

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